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Ver 5.0, Sep 16, 2010

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Supports Intelligent Multi-Part Message Assembly!
QuadSucker News Downloader Supports the new Yenc Format
Now supports encrypted/SSL usenet access.

QuadSucker/News is an advanced newsgroup auto-downloaders. It automatically downloads pictures from the alt.binaries newsgroups. QuadSucker/News has two modes: streaming download mode which is fully automatic, and pick&choose mode, which allows you to select the content you want. QuadSucker/News downloads everything from pictures to movies.

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Would you like to know more about QuadSucker/News, and how it can accelerate your downloading experience?

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View some screen shots of the program in use.
Read the online documentation / users's manual.
Check out the tutorial on downloading music vidoes !
Check out the FAQ and HOWTO section for more tips!


QuadSucker products are compatible with ALL recent versions of Windows, including 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista !

What are binary newsgroups?

(Presumably you already know this or you wouldn't be here!) Binary newsgroups contain binary data, such as images, multimedia files, archives, cd/dvd images, etc, that have been encoded into newsgroup articles. Traditional newsreaders are not well suited for downloading from the alt.binaries newsgroups -- you need a binary newsreader (or binary newsgroup downloader) like QuadNews to efficiently download binary content.

Recent New Features

Here's a run-down of some of the new features introduced in versions 3.3 through 5.0:

  • Compiled in BDS2009 to ensure Windows Vista/7 compatibility and allow new interface features (5.0)
  • Copy / Cut / Paste options added to the message writer
  • Switch to courier font in message writer for wordwrapping benefits
  • Thread / Throughput statistics
  • Progress Bar fixed to be meaningful for multi-part downloads
  • Post Message command in header window
  • Added right-click menus to available and selected lists (pick & choose mode)
  • Added store/recall history to config page for multiple news servers
  • Memory requirements reduced by 20%
  • Multi-select in newsgroup list
  • Jpeg auto-commenter
  • Enhancements to built-in image viewer
  • Support for SSL usenet access
  • CPU load reduced subtantially (ver 4.7)
  • Better handling of Windows Vista file system virtualization (ver 4.8)

Beta Versions

No beta versions currently available.


What makes QuadSucker/News special?

QuadSucker/News (or "QuadNews" as it is sometimes referred to) is designed to make downloading binary attachments from newsgroups easy and fast. QuadSucker/News works well with all types of content, from pictures (jpeg, gif, etc) to movies (mpeg, mpg, avi), music (mp3), and even application files and archives (exe, rar, etc).

QuadSucker/News is much more than a new reader, it is an automated news downloader. Sure, you can download binary attachments with a news reader, but it's a tedious process that involves a lot of manual effory. Using a news download makes everything automatic.

QuadSucker/News is a multithreaded program, downloading up to four news articles at a time. This allows it to run up for four times faster than less sophisticated single-threaded programs.

There is support for both streaming download mode (for picture groups), and the new pick and choose mode (for large mp3 / mpeg) groups. QuadSucker is one tool that will handle all of your newsgroup downloading needs.

News Downloading Modes:

QuadSucker News Downloader is very flexible and supports two different modes of operation to handle all of your newsgroup requirements:

Pick And Choose Mode: Perfect for large news groups such as the alt.binaries mp3, mpeg, and rar archive groups where you want to see a large selection of headers, and pick the files you want to download ahead of time.

Streaming Download Mode: Intended for picture groups (, etc) where you want to download all of the attachments in the group, without selecting them first. Just fire up QuadSucker/News and let it download all night long!

Windows Vista Support

QuadNews supports Windows Vista. I've created a page to discuss Vista related issues.

Screen Shot
Click the screen shot above to view a full size version

Fast Facts and Features
  • Fully automatic "streaming download" mode
  • Manual "Pick and Choose" mode
  • Downloads four files at once to accelerate download speed
  • Supports yEnc
  • Built in newsreader and poster to let you post requests, and write / reply to discussions.
  • Perfect for downloading everything from small pictures (gif, jpg, etc) all the way up to giant multimedia (mpg, mpeg, mp3) and massive archive (rar) files.
  • JPEG auto-commenter can store message information in comment field of jpg files for future reference.
  • Support for encrypted usenet services

Other Downloaders
  • Android Newsgroup Downloader is my latest news downloader, and offers many new features. It's indended to download large files like music and movies, and is included free with your quadnews registration.
  • QuadSucker/Web is a website downloader. It downlaods entire websites with ease!
  • Binary Vortex is a simplified newsgroup downloader designed especially for novices
  • SortPics is an image sorting and duplicate remover, perfect for categorizing the large numbers of images you may download with Newsbot.