QuadSucker/Web and UltraSucker/Web PlugIn Development Kit


The plugin development kit is designed to allow third-party developers to add their own extensions to QuadWeb (and UltraWeb)

click here to download the plugin kit---> http://www.quadsucker.com/quadweb/qwplugin.rar

The plugin kit is in its early design stages (to put it mildly), so if you have any questions, or if you'd like to see more functions added, let me know at smbaker@sb-software.com

Current functionality is concentrated in two areas:

filtering -- preventing URLs from being added to the queues

inserting -- adding your own URLs to the queues

In general, documentation is supplied in comments in dllplugin.cpp -- so you should check there to figure out what to do.

Plugins are loaded by specifying a command-line option to quadweb (or ultraweb). For example,

quadweb -plugin plugin.dll

I have supplied the "bpr" (borland project file) that I used with C++ builder to build the same DLL. You should be able to build the DLL with any C++ compiler.