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Support for secure websites / SSL downloading using QuadSucker/Web:

Version 3.2 of QuadSucker/Web adds support for downloading from secure websites. These are sites that start with https://. This has been a long-requested user feature, and I'm proud to finally have it implemented.

Downloading SSL pages:

Support for SSL is now automatic. All you have to do is start out your link with "https://" in QuadSucker's website entry box. For example, if you enter "", then QuadWeb will download that site using an SSL connection. This is as opposed to entering "" or just "" which would download with a standard non-SSL connection.

It should be noted that not all websites support SSL, and furthermore most of them have only a small subset that use SSL (such as the ecommerce and ordering portions).

Automatic following of non-SSL links from SSL pages:

It's also possible that you might start out with an SSL page, and end up pulling down non-SSL pages. QuadWeb follows the links that are contained in the web pages, and if an https page contains a link to a http page, then QuadWeb will automatically transition out of SSL mode.

Automatic following of SSL links from non-SSL Pages:

QuadWeb by default does not follow links from http pages into https pages. The reason is that the https pages are normally part of a websites ecommerce/order processing system and most Quad users are wanting to pull down other parts of the site, such as the images.

If you do want Quad to automatically follow links from non-SSL pages into SSL pages, then there is a checkbox that you can turn on under the 'spider settings' of QuadWeb's configuration pages.