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UltraSucker/Web is a special stripped-down high performance version of QuadSucker/Web. It is extremely similar in function and configuration with the following differences:

  • UltraSucker uses 12 threads instead of QuadSucker's 4 threads. This means 12 web pages/files are downloaded at a time.
  • UltraSucker does not display thumbnails of jpeg/gif images as they are downloaded. This is because it would be difficult to cram 12 decent size thumbnails into one screen.

QuadSucker should suffice for most people. The thumbnails are nice, and four threads achieve very good utilization of the network connection. However, if you have a good high-speed connection to the Internet (ISDN, cable modem, DirectPC, T1, DSL, etc), and you are dealing with a slow end-server, then UltraSucker/Web may gain you some performance at the expense of losing a few bells and whistles.

Your internet connection has a fixed capacity. If you're using a 56kbps modem, then you can only download 56kbps. It doesn't matter if your pulling 4 web pages at a time, 12 web pages at a time, or a million pages at once. Only 56kbps is going to come down the line. QuadSucker/Web will work just fine for you.

However, let's say that you're using a faster connection, such as a DSL at 512kbps. Assume the web server you're connecting to is very slow, giving you huge latencies and dishing out documents at about 50kbps. That means 462kbps of your DSL connection is under-utilized. If you could pull twelve web pages at a time, you could fill your DSL line to the maximum. That's where ultrasucker fits in. There are other factors to consider, which make the argument more complex, but the basic truth is the same.

You have a 56kbps modem connection to the internet Use QuadSucker/Web
You have a fast connection (128kpbs or more) to the internet Try UltraSucker/Web and see if performance increases. If not, go back to QuadSucker.
The web server you're talking to is really really really slow Use UltraSucker/Web
You like thumbnail images to be displayed while you're downloading so you can see what is going on. Use QuadSucker/Web.